Relieve Sciatica Pain with Exercise and Movement

The pinching of the sciatic nerve can put the strongest of person on the ground or in their bed. When it gets pinched the pain becomes very strong and makes the day to day living next to impossible. The causes range from spinal tumors, herniated discs, muscles spasms, and joint fixations.

There are certain back problems that get better with rest, such as a sprain and strain, but sciatica gets worse. It can actually feel better to get exercise and move. This diagnosis should always given to you by your Los Angeles back pain doctor. It would be kind of silly to be treating something that you think that you have, but don't really. When you know what is wrong it is easier to fix it because you can choose the proper solution. If it is sciatica, then you can first figure out what is causing it. A herniated disc could be the cause and a series of treatments on the drx9000 spinal decompression table could work to relieve the pain form the herniated disc pinching the nerve. Exercises is always recommended after the treatments so that the muscles can strengthen and there can be an increase in blood flow and improved overall function. There are specific exercises that can be done to work the multifidus muscles and piriformis muscle. It is important to always drink plenty of water when suffering from this and if you are taking non-steriodal anti-inflammatories then drinking water is critical.

There is a reason that it feels better when you exercise and walk when you have sciatica. It is good for it. So many people dislike exercise, but when the back and leg are in pain, it becomes a necessity to return back to a normal life.

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